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The Best Available Dog Training. Online!

 We revolutionised dog education by bringing best available dog school training to your home. You don’t have to search for the best trainers, schedule appointments and go outside the city. We found them and hired to build HUGO University where you’ll be able to  train anytime and anywhere you want – starting Q1 2022!

Do you want to test our materials without waiting? We started OnlyFans (YES, OF!) account, where we regularly add training courses, plays and games, useful tips, and much more – start learning now!

Best European Dog Experts

European dog culture is one of the most advanced in the world, therefore we hired ones of the best dog experts in Europe and gave them full freedom to create the best courses they can to teach dogs new things in a quick, effective and positive way.

What the Dog Really Needs

We focus on courses that will help your dog feel good in everyday situations like using public transport, going to the vet or staying at home alone.

If you want to teach your dog tricks to develop mental abilities and have fun, we have them too!

What You Really Need

HUGO courses will help you manage easily in everyday situations.

We’ll help you prepare your dog to stay calm at home when you’re out or be well behaved when you go for a walk together.

But.. that’s not all!

Our team is working on the new breed of technology that keeps you and your dog happy and healthy!


Starting with revolutionising the dog education, we’re going after the whole dog care industry. We bring technology to serve dogs’ needs and help you become the best Pawrent you can.

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the first all-in-one dog care app

the best behavior tracking collar

At HUGO we’re really serious
about the research and development
of our products!

Our innovative project was recognized by leading Polish business awards such as Made in Poland 2021 and Polish Innovation Award 2021.

We even got funding for our smart collar from the European Union and Polish the National Center for Research and Development. EU funding means that our research is always properly planned, executed and the outcome is verified by the EU experts.

All the collected data is always stored according to the EU law, which is one of the strictes in the world. It means that the highest level of privacy is always guaranteed.

HUGO University will be one of the largest dog courses library in the world with:

educational courses

tips and tricks

plays and games

expert articles

dog food recipes

… and more coming daily!

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