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Starting with revolutionising the dog education, we will

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Why HUGO University?

Well-being > Tricks

We don’t really care whether our dogs can turn around or stand on one leg if asked. We care whether they feel well in everyday situations like staying home, going for a walk, or travelling.

Courses Created by the Best Dog Experts

Our team consists of some of the most respected dog specialists in Europe and prepared over 100 courses that soon will be available within the app.

In-App Consultations

Any questions? Or challenges not really addressed by courses yet? Or you just prefer to have status call when you can talk about your dog’s progress?
Soon in-app consultations will be available!

Learning Paths

Themed Courses

Plays & Games

Expert Articles

And more to come…

The new breed of technology, that keeps your dog happy and healthy.

the first all-in-one dog care app

the world’s best behavior tracking collar